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Over the years, encountering amazing people along the way - here are the comments and great words they had to say. If you'd like to add your love to the website, feel free to email contact@iamlamarjohnson.com or use the contact form. Your feedback can remain anonymous 


Thank you so very much for your excellent skills which you have used with the utmost professionalism and in such a timely manner. Your down-to-earth demeanor and your lighthearted attitude have made our customers experience all the better. -Kasey J. 

You made things easy! Thanks for your help! 

-Margaret & Kaitlin

I appreciate Lamar's service provided to my company and his responsiveness. -Chalk

You exemplified superior customer service by listening and making it so easy. I am so pleased with your service. Thank you for your hard work. -A. McCardell

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to assist with a service issue and client for me. Without your help and with the amount of meetings I have this week, there is no doubt that this client and their issue would still be in limbo if you hadn't stepped up to the plate and hit a home run for me. I am beyond grateful for your partnership and allegiance in this and all split files you helped with. 

-Billy Cullins.

I just want Lamar to know that I really appreciate his help! You're always willing to help me out when I am in need so I thank you from the bottom of my heart! -Ana P.

Lamar is so wonderful! He has great pose and presented himself extremely well and I am excited to continue to see him grow! -Justin Fuller

Lamar, thank you so much for your willingness to help others and take on work that does not belong to you to ensure the success of my office. -Anonymous

Great job on your hard work, efforts, and accomplishments. -Theresa F.

We appreciate your help with educating and mentoring our recruiting partners. -Aaron, Alexis, Bre & Rob

Thank you for your hard work and dedication in assisting and making the URW account a great success. Thank you for your outstanding customer service! -Anonymous

This man is an asset to any company he is at! He is kind, considerate, and patient and helped me with all my needs. -Ms. Contino

I was thrilled with the service I received from Lamar. He is such a sweet guy. I was really upset and he just listened to me without judging. He is a really great person and deserved to be recognized for his job well done. -Ms. Gillespie

I have all the best things to say about Lamar. He is so helpful, polite, and if anyone could be the perfect example of the face of any company, it would be him! -Martin L.

Lamar, I want to thank you for taking time out of your day to take ownership and assist me with a difficult customer. You put me at peace of mind when working with you! -Mandie

I feel very privileged to be serviced by Lamar. He was great and really knows how to speak to clients. He will forever receive my kudos. -Randall Smith 

Lamar was a vital member to the company. He showed leadership and offered his best practices to employees who might be struggling. His help allowed one employee to improve in her management skills because of his help. Lamar had so much achievement and displayed great teamwork. -Lavonya

Someone who is service-oriented, knowledgeable, professional, patient, compassionate, fair, and willing to go the extra mile to serve, that someone is Lamar and I am grateful for his service! -Elaine

Lamar was very professional and polite. He provides concise information and should be recognized for his outstanding service level. -Monica Williams

You definitely made a difference in my team's desktop. Thanks for assisting. -T. Davis 

Working for you showed me what a team leader should be; you helped our trainers teach better, helped mentored us! Thank you for showing what remarkable looks like! -Maggie Stephenson

Lamar was a joy to work with. He has a great attitude and always has a smile on his face. Lamar is always willing to take on all my wildest challenges. He always communicates professionally (both written and oral) and actively seeks ways to identify and solve my problems. -M. Tilson