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Legacy Chronicles - Package B

Preserving Memories, Sharing Wisdom, Celebrating You!

  • 6 hr
  • 3,500 US dollars
  • Client's Place|LamJam Studios|Let's Discuss

Service Description

Our service creates a cinematic homage to your life, turning memories and milestones into a living legacy. It’s like crafting a personal feature film for your life story, capturing the laughter, the resilience, and the love that has shaped you. We sit down with you to chat about your memories, the things you've learned, and the messages you want to pass on. It’s about preserving the past and sharing your story with a personal touch that’s as unique as your fingerprint. Visualize a film that's filled with your most cherished memories, the wisdom you've gained, the great advice you've got to share, the health battles you've faced, the love you've experienced, and the emotions that have colored your life. It's like a highlight reel of your most meaningful moments, plus your thoughts on what comes next in your spirit's big adventure. We're here to help you share your wisdom with the grandkids, preserve those treasured family recipes, and remember the moments that made you smile. It's easy to watch, easy to understand, and something you can hold onto forever. Beyond the memories, we dive into the realms of your consciousness — the dreams that visit you while you sleep, the spiritual reflections that connect you to something greater, and the philosophies that have been your guiding stars. This film is a passage into the parts of you that are unseen but deeply felt, the parts that make us undeniably human. It's an intimate gift, a conversation across time, and an opportunity to ensure that every facet of your journey is honored and remembered the way you want it. Every services comes with: - **Customization Option Pre-Recording Session** - **Privacy & Sensitivity Secured** - **Professional Editing** - **Digital Copy of Recording** - **Dive into Your Conscious** - **Highlight reel for Social Media Packages Include: - 6-Hour Personalized Recording Session - 20-30 photos for recording - 2 Hour Edited and Final product **Travel expenses may apply for locations beyond LamJam Studios.**


  • Client's Place

  • LamJam Studios

  • Let's Discuss

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