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Top 10 Reasons Why I Loved Egypt!

Everyone has a place in mind they always wanted to visit and for me it was Egypt. I've always been connected to Africa from a young age, although mainstream media constantly projects Africa to being the poorest continent on this wonderful planet. I feel there is so much power in the motherland that is being withheld from the people, but that's another story for another day :) So as a kid, I made a goal that by the time I turn 25, I want to go back to the motherland to see what it's all about. I was so lucky to find a great travel deal to celebrate my 25th birthday in Egypt and I had an amazing time!

Here's a top 10 list of why I loved Egypt after being there for almost 2 weeks:

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10) The Shop/Marketplace

So before I started to adventure into Egpyt, my guide informed me about the market. He stated there was a law or rule established in the country stating the seller would be fined or jailed for hassling tourist, but told us not to worry because the locals are nice. I visited 3 parts of Egypt; Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan. In all the 3 places, I received the best service and experience. There was a slight hassle but it was all friendly and not aggressive whatsoever. I purchased a Galabeya to memorialize my trip. When I took it back to the hotel, it ripped on the armpit area. I reached out to my guide because I didn't know what to do and told him how much I paid. He advised me to return it and ask for either a refund or better quality Galabeya. So I did and the seller was extremely apologetic and offered me tea and conversation while I looked for a replacement. So if you're in Egypt and want to get souvenirs, clothing, etc. be sure to check out the local marketplace.

9) The People

Here in America, media plays a big role in how we see things. Although we believe it or not, the images/videos set the tone for someone who's never been to Africa. For me, I didn't want a biased approach, because I wanted my experience to be phenomenal. Most trips that I had visiting other countries were always on a resort and not experiencing the "true locals". The people were so loving, friendly, inviting, and embracing. During my stay, I resided with different villages, one being the Nubian community. They fed us like we were family and showed us a good time. I felt comfortable and not worried about my surroundings being there. I'm not saying to let down your guard but more so saying embrace the love of the people because the image you may have is not what is the truth and it could offer you a more phenomenal experience.

8) The Food

When I tell yall the food was sooo good! (I had to bring my southern accent out hehe) It started with my flight with Emirates (first time and loved it). The food on the plane was so amazing and continued with the local restaurants and families that served us food. The food had a different, nonprocessed taste to it. frfr. The fruit was so sweet and naturally seeded. The chicken was not overly sized and the side items were so delicious! I tried a cantaloupe there that was soo sweet which was a different experience than I had in America, cause the ones here don't have a sweet taste. Be sure to check out my youtube video to see some of the food that I had. There was one food item that I admired the most but never heard of the name before; baba ghanoush. OMG, I forgot to tell you, I ate a camel. In Egypt, they have 2 delicate food items that we were offered to try. One being pigeon and the other being a camel. I couldn't think about eating a pigeon but than again, I ate a camel. How did it taste? It honestly tasted like I was eating a hamburger, the consistency was the same. The only difference was the camel had a sweet kick to it.

7) The Temples/Ruins/Museums

To be blown away is the feeling that I had when visiting the temples in Egypt. They are enormous, beautiful, colorful, and majestic. The writings on the walls are phenomenal. You can see the stories that our people once told and lived by. Seeing it on tv or youtube is totally different than seeing and experiencing it in person. I learned something while I was there, although it was a subliminal thought, visiting made it even more evident. While in Aswan, we visited The Temple of Kom Ombo, and it showed us they were using medical equipment that we use now but in a more defined method. A lot of their ways of living, technology, and supernatural wonders were seen in the painting and sculptures at all 3 locations. I just wish we could have a true translation, but know that is super limited due to the destruction of many temples and cultures. There are so many temples, ruins, and museums that you can see so if you get the chance to go, be sure to check them out and really study them while you are there.

6) The Kids

They are sooo friendly. When we went to the Nubian village to dine with a family, we got to experience the children of Nubia. For those of you who don't know about the Nubian people, they are one of the earliest civilizations of ancient Kemet (Africa). When we arrived, we saw the children playing soccer (fútbol). We waved and they invited us over to play a game. I like soccer but wasn't too much in the mood to play, I just sat down and started talking to the kids. Some of them knew English but most only spoke their native language so it was fun trying to teach them a little about me. I learned how to say their names in their native tongue. but ultimately loved their vibration and hearts as they played outside and enjoyed nature. They enjoyed life to the fullest and use everything they could find, to have fun and that's what mattered the most. If you want to see big smiles and laughter, be sure to say hi to the kids!

5) Making New Friends

I'm not going to lie before I planned my trip to Africa I asked a lot of my American friends if they wanted to tag along and help me celebrate my birthday. 100% of my friends backed out either due to date, money, or time off from work, so I was forced to do this alone which was a new experience for me. I gained the confidence from a good friend of mine and her daughter that gave me the push to do it. I signed through GAdventures thinking that I would be doing this solely alone but was super shocked when I met some incredible traveling buddies who I now call good friends of mine. Our group had about 12 people in it who were young, openminded, and kind of was conspiracy-driven like me. Great personalities and embracing. I give thanks to our CO Mohammed who was very friendly and knowledgable. My new friends, who I will name, gave me a sense of home and taught me to embrace jumping out to doing new things. I give thanks to Julissa, Marci, Tom, James, Kanal, Peter, Selina, Ajna, John, Sergio, Laura, and Charles for a wonderful opportunity and time!

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4) The Scenery

As I talked about before, in the USA, Africa is portrayed as being one of the poorest continents, so some take to being bais when visiting based on what they were taught rather than seeing. There is propaganda that the children are malnourished with bubble stomachs and anorexic, the soil is unusable and cannot sustain growth. There's so much negative propaganda that veers so many people away. The land is so green and luscious, the sky is clear and beautiful. There were no clouds in the sky my entire stay there which made my conspiracy mind wonder if clouds were fake hehe. Don't believe the hype in the media, Africa is well nourished and very beautiful to see in person. I give thanks to the motherland for allowing me to see the beautiful wonders.

3) Visiting the Valley of the Kings/King Tut Ankh Amun

To see something that's still is intact and preserved and in mint condition for someone who perished 3,300 years ago, it speaks a lot to how amazingly knowledgable our people thought about the afterlife and the care of human remains. Our guide, Mo, who has a Master's in Egyptology was able to pass that knowledge unto us and share the great findings and life of our ancestors. At the time of our visit, they were just beginning to excavate the 63rd tomb which was recently discovered a couple years ago. This was historical for me because the last tomb that was discovered was back in 1922 which was King Tut himself. So from 1922 to 2005, nothing was discovered. I don't want to spoil the inside of King Tut burial chambers (we couldn't take pictures) so be sure to go to the Valley of the Kings when in Egypt.

2) Price

As you guys have been hearing the trip was truly amazing! What made it even more special was the price that I paid to get there. When I use to search for trips to Africa I would start looking at the airlines and the roundtrip alone cost $5,000 which did not include transportation or hotel and excursions. I was immediately turned off and not interested. I didn't have knowledge of travel agencies and other partners that could make it easier. But I was lucky enough to work for a company that offered personal travel booking, so I went on there to see what I could find. To note, this booking can be found through research and not just agency-specific. I found a lot of vacation packages but found this Africa trip for a reasonable price through GAdventures called "The Best of Egypt" for only $1,600.00. I was like "I'm booking this right now! Forget everything else!". With the multiple hotels, transportation, tour guide, food, etc., the full trip total came out to be $2,900.00. WHAT A BLESSING!

Last and definitely not least!

1) The Pyramids

This was a very emotional thing for me just because of the great wonders of how the pyramid was built and the powers it secretly holds. They are so enormous and magnificent. I stood next to one stone and it came up to the neck and the stones are so precisely cut. WOW! No man-made machine can replicate the stones of the pyramids! It's something looking at the pyramid online but it's something totally different being in person. While there I also rode a camel (not the one I ate hehe) which was scary and fun at the same time! It's an amazing experience. As you can imagine, I didn't just go to see the pyramids, I went inside it. I'm not going to spoil the video but make sure to check it out to find BONUS content that hasn't been shared on this blog post :)


All-in-all Egypt should be on your bucket list to see before moving on to the next life. There are so many great wonders, peoples, and things to see while there. Get out and experience a new world and site when visiting Egypt. Embrace the people and motherland! I promise you won't be disappointed.

What are some places you've visited that were different than what was told to you? Tell me about it in the comment section!

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