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I Am Everything.


Who am I? I am everything this world is made of. I am Strength. I am Love. I am Wisdom. I am Help. I am Light. I am You. I am Me. I am Lamar Johnson. 

My journey started in a small town in ​Mississippi, USA. In the 1990s era, where that old southern soul Blues, Gospel, and RnB music warmed your body, and that good ole down-south food, filled your soul. I was crafted... and with guidance from my amazing parents, family, and friends, I mastered the skills to have a better life, not only for me but for each and every person I encounter.


In this life, we find ourselves being stuck in an evolutionary loop - never seeing a true understanding or advancement of all that includes and surrounds us. Civilization is longing to be the next big thing but where we're missing the exit in the continuous loop is failing to understand more about us; who and what we are, where we came from, what we're made of, our purpose, our spiritual connections, our dreams, death, and so many other areas of research that is holding us back in this evolutionary race.


This is what I'm learning to understand so that we, of this entire world, can be the next big thing in the universe. I hope you can follow along to provide your guidance, love, light, and heart for we all must join together for the greatness of all humans (or whatever you choose to identify as).

The products and services I offer to you and/or your company help me to live my dreams and make one step to positive change this world need to see.  

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